• Information on epidural and trans-foramenal steroid injections:  
  • It is important to include trans-foramenal injections to target the appropriate nerve root (see Sivaganesan et al. attached)
  • Gabapentin (‘neurontin’) and pregabalin (‘Lyrica’) for sciatica.  In the only ‘head-to-head’ prospective, randomised, placebo-controlled double-dummy cross-over study performed by ourselves in Townsville, we found that whilst both were effective, gabapentin was superior on average, with less side effects (see Robertson et al. attached).    
  • Information regarding Cervical laminectomy, Cervical discectomy, Lumbar laminectomy and Lumbar discectomy the following operations can be found in the link  
  • Information on anterior cervical discectomy and fusion can be found on:   
  • Information on cervical disc replacements can be found on: 
  • Information on anterior lumbar interbody fusion can be found on: